Training for Trainers (T4T)


T4T is a training course that aims to empower and inspire next generation of trainers of AEGEE.  T4T is dedicated to experienced members, that would like to share their knowledge and contribute to AEGEE by delivering trainings on different soft skill topics, that help organizations on local or international level grow. Participants will learn, who is a trainer and what is a role of a trainer, how  to communicate with participants in the training, how to plan a training, how to structure it according to different learning types, how to deliver trainings, practice public speaking and material preparation and so on..

Participants will be able to deliver trainings – first in their locals and later also on different international events of AEGEE and other organizations.  Outcome of this training event is participant’s first training session, that they deliver on the event and get feedback on it. Participants get a training certificate for attending Academy’s T4T and they get accepted to Academy’s training pool.


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