Public Relations European School (PRES)


PRES I is a one week training designed for potential and present PR activists on local level of AEGEE. It is organized by AEGEE-Academy in collaboration with the Public Relations Committee (PRC) of AEGEE-Europe.

It aims at giving the participants the necessary tools and theories to design a sound PR strategy for an AEGEE branch.

During the mornings the participants will take part in lectures and workshops, which focuses on providing them the theoretical background that they will be able to use during the simulations carried out in the afternoon. Participants of the event get trained in both internal and external public relations becoming qualified to handle the public relations activities needed in an AEGEE branch.

The fields of training include:
– designing a PR strategy for an AEGEE branch and for a project
– strategic partners of an NGO on local level
– building an image and corporate identity,
– human resources and public relations management
– types of media and media relations
– presentation techniques
– making powerpoint presentations
– creating promotion materials
– designing webpages


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