European School 2 (ES2)


The ES2 is a training course aimed at improving the state of AEGEE Europe and its European level bodies.

Motivated members will become familiar with AEGEE’s European level bodies and the role of AEGEE in Europe. Throughout the course participants gain insight in their possibilities on European level and determine what they can and wish to do within project teams, committees etc.  Lastly, they learn about commitment and responsibility. Example workshop topics are:

–       Team dynamics

–       Communication

–       Structure of AEGEE  / European bodies

–       Self-reflection / awareness of skills

–       Conflict management

–       General overview of Europe  and role of AEGEE in Europe

–       Commitment & Responsibility & Accountability

–       Advocacy

–       Collaborations between bodies

–       Leadership

–       Goal-setting

–       Time-management

–       Motivation

–       Change management

Participants will be prepared to take on active and responsible roles on the European level within AEGEE. They can become members or leaders of project teams, working groups, committees, commissions or even set up their own project. They have also learned how to stay motivated and committed and motivate their fellow team members. They are able to deal with management tasks, can set goals and stick to them and deal with changes within their working environment.

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