European School 1 (ES1)


Every year, the Academy organizes European Schools to train AEGEE members in areas varying from project management to soft skills, in an intercultural setting. The European School 1 (ES1) is specifically targeted towards new members in our organization to train them on the basic skills needed for antenna management.

The aim of this week is to prepare the participants for active contribution within AEGEE. We motivate them to take part in current projects, start their own projects, or become board members of their AEGEE locals. After this week they are successfully able to run an AEGEE local or project and most important, they are inspired and motivated to actually become active in the organization. Apart from that, their new skills will be beneficial in several other areas of their life like studies and (professional) work.

In this one-week intensive training course our experienced trainers give workshops in the following fields:

–      Public relations and communication;

–      Financial management / budgeting;

–      Fundraising;

–      Intercultural communication;

–      Public speaking;

–      Self-development;

–      Leadership;

–      Project management;

So in short: a challenging, inspiring week that offers AEGEE as an organization fresh and skilled talent, and that offers the participants an experience of a lifetime!

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