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List of Trainers

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Di Marco Pizzongolo
Junior Trainer
AEGEE Catania
Currently living at
Catania, Italy
Training for me is…
When I think about training it comes to my mind something that permit me and other people to grow up and become richer of knowledge and skills. For me, trainings are opportunities, precious ones – they are the fastest and the best way to obtain skills and understand how some field really works through the experience and the ability of the trainers. Delivering trainings motivates me a lot, that's why I always try to pass my motivation to trainees.
Training Specialties
Project management
Event management
Human resources
Team building
Communication and related topics
Fund raising
Public speaking
Photo editing.

I'm a good listener that likes to learn new subjects and talk about new topics. I love to deliver trainings and transfer my skills, my knowledge and my motivation. I'm good in problem solving and I often use my creativity to do it. I love to design and organize events, that kind of events that create emotions. I've AEGEE in my heart.