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List of Trainers

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Carreres Candela
Junior Trainer
Currently living at
Alicante, Spain
Training for me is…
To explain in few words what training means to me it’s very ambitious because it means so much, however during my last training experience in Cluj Napoca, I’ve learned a very good short quote which I love so much: “to learn to become a trainer means to learn how to give”. This quote reflects how I see my path of becoming a trainer and by my training experience what I expect is to give all that I’ve learned from AEGEE but also in life to the others.
Training Specialties
Human Resources
Event Management
Public Relations
Presentation skills & Healthcare.

I live in the coast city of Alicante, but I use any chance to move anywhere to keep learning and enjoying with new experiences. I’m open-minded, cheerful and positive and I try to help always when is needed.
Nurse as professional but also in soul. I do love take care of people and help them to improve themselves, I think is one of the best gift you can give. Help others to grow, is the best way to grow as a person.

I do believe that the big changes are made by small actions, so let’s start to act!