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List of Trainers

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AEGEE Treviso
Currently living at
Venezia, Italia
Training for me is…
Allow me a couple of seconds of poetry, for the first answer which comes from heart is, that to teach is to learn, and to give means to receive.The point is, by attending trainings, both as participant and trainer, I came to the conclusion that helping others to achieve a greater knowledge and self-confidence, through the teaching methods proper of a trainer, is a great way to personally reach a higher level of satisfaction and growth. I am of the opinion that trainings helped me to become a stronger person, if not more confident of myself, and I desire to venture deeper into the adventure of being a trainer: i am sure that i can give a great contribution to the other to learn and blossom, while being given the privilege of being part of it.
Training Specialties
Public Relations

Hello there!
I am Luca, enchanté! I currently live and study in Venice, where i struggle on a daily basis with chinese ideograms, and occasionally arabic textes.
I love riddles and games, and i will do my best to make sure that my sessions will be as pleasant and interesting as they can get!
I love reading comments, advices and critics (the sharper the merrier!), so please feel welcome to drop any kind of message to my email adress (except death threats and similar, if you please), i shall serve you the proper answer as soon as possible!