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List of Trainers

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Eugenia (Ena)
Casariego Artola
Currently living at
Oviedo, Spain
Training for me is…
For me training means inspiration, and empowerment through knowledge. I’ve always seen the role of a trainer as an inspirer, someone who, through his words or his actions, is able to sparkle one’s mind or to make one’s heart beat faster, being the result inspiration, and ultimately, enlightening and a positive impact on the trainee’s life. For me training is also a possibility, both for the trainer and for the trainee. For the trainer in the sense that it's an opportunity to develop him/herself, and to learn from other people. For the trainee in the sense that he/she is learning useful skills and knowledge and gaining insight into certain maters. Specially for me, training is the possibility I have to make small changes for the better in other people's lives and to have an impact on the education of many people. It's my way to contribute to build Europe and to build a corageous, aware, educated, responsible and inclusive youth, because training and training events normally go deeper than just the info that's been taught.
Training Specialties
Cultural and religious differences
Project Management

Psychology graduate and member of AEGEE-Oviedo and EFPSA. I’m passionate about anything that has to do with training, non-formal education, travelling, self-development, leadership, nature and of course AEGEE!