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List of Trainers

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Miguel Vielva
Currently living at
Valladolid, España
Training for me is…
Training is development, practice, learning. Or better articulated: training is learning based on practice, reflection and teaching aimed at personal or professional development. But this is a rather generic explanation. And here we are talking more about a particular kind of training, focusing in the development of soft skills, with a stronger focus in personal development and attitudes and carried out in youth organizations. Personally, for me, trainings are spaces for growing, for empowerment, for expanding your limits, for challenging yourself for overcoming barriers, for giving and receiving. Trainings are opportunities to focus in your self-development, leaving the rest outside for a while. Trainings mean change. You can learn almost anything, so almost anything can be changed.Education is my passion. I’ve been working for 2 years as physical education teacher, I’ve doing a 6 months long volunteering project in a school with children with mental disabilities and I'm studying a Master in Lifelong Learning. I have been involved (many times leading them), in almost all the big initiatives related with education in AEGEE in the last 5 years: EWG, HED, EiE, policy advocacy and internal validation tool of competences. I’ve had some experience as trainer and I would like to continue developing more as a trainer and have the opportunity to help people to develop. The main two trainings I’ve been participating in, LSS Cluj Napoca and ES2 Poznan (and, to some degree, many of the other ones) have been amazing experiences from which I’ve grown a lot. I like to make other people to feel the same.
Training Specialties
Training for trainers
project management
time management
HR management
education policies
recognition of NFE
mobility programmes
emotional intelligence

I’m passionate about education and learning. I want to help other people to grow and get empowered. I aim to inspire and encourage AEGEE members and other young people to use opportunities for personal development and to contribute for a better world, both within our association as well as in life.