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List of Trainers

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García Dïaz
Currently living at
Gijón, Spain
Training for me is…
Training, for me, is about teaching and rising others (mainly, not only). Giving what you know to them, sharing your knowledge, making people wiser. It’s about being generous and allowing others to develop with you help since, at that moment, you are wiser (in that area, or maybe not) than them. In this way, knowledge give others, in my opinion, more freedom. But also is about growing yourself, since on each training you discover and learn new things, both by preparing and by delivering the session. Every person knows something that you don't, so it happens with trainees, they bring thing that improve everyone's learning process at the session, including the trainer.That's why I love training world, because you give and you receive. And there's nothing more satisfying that a "thank you for the session, I learnt a lot" and a smile while you are picking up your stuff after the delivery.
Training Specialties
Presentation skills
Public speaking & body language
Design Management
Design Thinking
Personal development & self-discovery
Project & event design & management
Summer University Project Management
Graphic design
Video & photo editing
This is Gerar, a 24-year-old engineer and Design manager from Gijón, Northern coast of Spain. I consider myself as an open-minded, cheerful and friendly youngster that likes to work and to make things easier for others, share what I know and learn as much as I can in order to grow but also help others to do so. I really like delivering sessions and that feeling that you are actually improving somebody else's life, sharing your knowledge in order to help them growing.

Despite of the fact that I'm engineer, rather to numbers and formulas one of my passions since I was a child are the creativity-related tasks, and that are the main areas that I have been developing since I joined AEGEE in 2010, both on local and European level.