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List of Trainers

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Currently living at
Berlin, Germany
Training for me is…
Hi everyone, I am happy to see I know quite some of you and that you rock trainings outside AEGEE as well!The best (most efficient) way to put yourself on the website (as senior trainer status, of course) is that you go to join Academy and fill out application form – for parts that include motivation etc, you can simply put *** and skip it. It does not mean that you are applying to Aca, it is just automatically connected to website so it's the easiest and no emails needed:)Thank you so much, looking forward to have some more senior trainers on our website!Hugs from ES1, happening right now in Enschede,Urša
Training Specialties
Project and Team Management
Strategic Management
Human Resources
Impact Measurement

During weekdays I work as a management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Berlin, but having lived in lots of different countries international youth work remains my passion for the weekend. I am a passionate member of the AEGEE-Academy since 2005. I was lucky to have been given the chance of desigining projects and trainings for youth NGOs all over the globe. In 2008 German youth organisations and ministries got me on board as their National Youth Representative towards the United Nations General Assembly. For about one and a half year it was my task to mainstream youth issues in the inter-governmental negotiations of the 63rd UN General Assembly and the UN Economic and Social Council. Nowadays I am member of several think tanks such as the “Ashoka leading changemaker initiative“, certified coach and business mediator, and I am playing the big sister for a handful of truly mind-blowing social entrepreneurs. In 2012 I founded The Arc which is an international training programme coaching social entrepreneurs all over the world to excel at their mission. Same year I became part of facilitator teams such as for the European Presidencies and their youth conferences or for global events like the World Youth Conference in Sri Lanka. I treasure creativity and insightfulness, I attempt to stand firm by my principles, but after all… who am I to judge?