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van Hoof
Junior Trainer
AEGEE-Barcelona now, but 5 years AEGEE-Utrecht, and from 1st of Feb. AEGEE-Utrecht again
Currently living at
Utrecht, Netherlands
Training for me is…
Training for me is creating an environment in which participants can learn and develop themselves. Training is about enabling people to push their boundaries, to challenge themselves to do that one thing they secretly know they can do, but are still too afraid to actually do. Training is providing people with steps they can take to achieve their personal goals and dreams.
Training Specialties
I also have a lot of knowledge about this because of my experience in the board of my local. Plus AEGEE-Utrecht once won the Masters of Recruitment award.

I used to be a very active member in my local for about 5 years, and I was (and am still!) always very enthusiastic about everything European within AEGEE. I always had the plan to become active on the European level, but more than being a Delegate I never found my true calling. Being a trainer now is where I feel I can finally contribute the best way possible, and I am newly motivated to be active and share my knowledge with as many as possible! 🙂