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List of Trainers

Our trainers are categorized into Trainers, Senior Trainers and Alumni. Check the classification here.

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Photo Name Status Gender Location Age Training Specialties
Léa Charlet Trainer Female Bruxelles, Belgium 28 Time Management, Project Management, Leadership, AEGEE structure and history
Mayri Tiido Trainer Female Nijmegen, Netherlands 27 PR, improvisation, forum theatre, teamwork, event management, project management, creativity, public speaking
Boglárka Nagy Trainer Female Budapest, Hungary 28 project management and project creation, team dynamics, communication, self-development, time management
Urša Svetelj Alumni Female Ljubljana, Slovenia 29 Feedback, self-development, public relations, teambuilding, time management, networking.
Elena Antova Trainer Female Sofia, Bulgaria 29 Human Resources, Motivation, Inspiration, Emotional Intelligence, Team Dynamics, Fundraising, Financial Management, Conflict Management, Training Delivery
March Natrop Alumni Female Gouda, Netherlands 29 Intercultural communication, Team dynamics, Corporate Fundraising, Public Speaking, Conflict management, Time management, Goal-setting and Motivation, Positive Thinking Methods
Julia Hoffmann Alumni Female Berlin, Germany 34 Project design & management, active citizenship, leadership, intercultural communication
Zsofia Komaromi Trainer Female Budapest, Hungary 28 PR, marketing, virtual communication, project management, teamwork
Miroslava Ganzarcikova Alumni Female Bruxelles, Belgium 30 leadership, intercultural communication, motivation, team dynamics, HR related topics, conflict resolution, communication, PR&marketing, career related topics
Lyda Michopoulou Trainer Female Thessaloniki, Greece 30 Corporate & Institutional Fundraising, Non-verbal communication, Body Language, Strategic Networking, Leadership skills, Train-the-trainer topics, Public Narrative, Storytelling
Katja Behrendt Alumni Female Cologne, Germany 32 self-leadership, communication, organisational management and impact measurement
Paulina Inez Wenta Trainer Female Warszawa, Poland 27 Public Relations, Design Programs, Creativity, Social Media, Memory Techniques, Project Management, Leadership, Personal Development, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking, Body language, Communication Skills
Maria Nomikou Alumni Female Ilioupolis, Greece 33
Alexandra Tomescu Alumni Female Oxford, England 33 Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Feedback, Team Management & Group Dynamics, Case Studies (design and implementation), Personal Development
Schrader Astrid Alumni Female Berlin, Germany 32 Leadership, Coaching, Project and Team Management, Strategic Management, Human Resources, Impact Measurement
Agnieszka (Aga) Strycharz Alumni Female Krakow, Poland 3 Project management, Event management, Team work, Intercultural Communication, Presentation skills, Conflict resolution, Stress management, Creating vision, Coaching in team management, Teambuilding (i.e. for CD), Personal development, Facilitation, Recruitment, Training for trainers
Andrea Ugrinoska Junior Trainer Female Skopje, Macedonia 25 HR, psychotherapy, self-development, motivation
Tsveti Stoycheva Trainer Female Sofia, Bulgaria 27 Communication, HR related topics, Self-awareness, Team dynamics, Team roles, Leadership, Emotional intelligence
Francesca Russo Junior Trainer Female Conegliano, Italy 30 Teambuilding, AEGEE Identity and History
Diede Oudenampsen Junior Trainer Female Utrecht, The Netherlands 23
Eugenia (Ena) Casariego Artola Trainer Female Oviedo, Spain 22 Cultural and religious differences, Erasmus+, Project Management, EFPSA, Communication
Lia Tuska Trainer Female Iraklia Serron, Greece 26 Human Rights, Active Citizenship, Public Relations, Human Resources, Project Management
Viktoria Undesser Junior Trainer Female Dublin, Ireland 22 Conflict Management, Negotiation, (Intercultural) Communication, Project Management, Teambuilding, Motivation, strategy building, The sales process
Julia Krebs Junior Trainer Female Essen, Germany 28 Intercultural communication, election observation, democracy, self development, Youth participation, fundraising, grant writing
Kristina Hensch Junior Trainer Female Frankfurt am Main, Germany 28
Alejandra Piot Junior Trainer Female A Coruña, Spain 23 Event management, antenna management, human resources.
Laura López Montero Junior Trainer Female Gijón, Spain 27 Project management | Event management | Mobility programmes | Erasmus+ | Grant writing
María Ballesteros Melero Trainer Female Cuenca, Spain 25 Communication, Self-Development, Interculturality, Human Rights, Active Citizenship
Melissa Carreres Candela Junior Trainer Female Alicante, Spain 26 Leadership, Human Resources, Event Management, Public Relations, Presentation skills & Healthcare.
Carolin Eißler Trainer Female Stuttgart, Germany 28 Project management, impact orientation/measurement, intercultural communication, social innovation, design thinking, Social Entrepreneurship
Marijana Asprovska Junior Trainer Female Skopje, Macedonia 20 Team building, team management, tasks delegation, project development.
Lucia Gavulova Junior Trainer Female Aachen, Deutschland 27 Event Management (risk assessment, budgeting, fundraising, logistics), Project Management, Public Speaking, What is AEGEE (history, structure, projects), Sexual Harassment
Alexia Thomas Junior Trainer Female Arlon, Belgium 23 team building feedbacking environmental topics civic education
Carina van Hoof Junior Trainer Female Utrecht, Netherlands 24 HR & PR, I also have a lot of knowledge about this because of my experience in the board of my local. Plus AEGEE-Utrecht once won the Masters of Recruitment award.
Dorothea Harles Junior Trainer Female Leipzig, Germany 24 Civic Education, Sustainability, Climate Change
Romy Solomon Trainer Female Ares, A Coruna, Galicia, Spain 28 Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Active Citizenship, International and Community Development, Project Management, Human Rights, Human Trafficking Prevention, Gender Equality, Gender Based Violence, Personal Development, Identity, Self-Awareness, Finding your Purpose and Passions in Life, Creativity, Effective Communication, Growth Mindset, Resilience/ Grit, Teambuilding, Group Dyanmics, Open Space Technology, Intercultural Collaboration, David Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle, Kolb's Educator Profile and Learning Styles, Training of Trainers
Polina Khapaeva Junior Trainer Female Saint Petersburg, Russia 27 Public speaking, Time-management, AEGEE structure, NFE and soft skills, Communication
Tim Mollenhauer Trainer Female Aachen, Germany 25 Team Management, Event Management, Strategic Management
Ramón Martínez Trainer Male Asturias, Spain 31 Training of trainers, Human Rights, Inclusion, Activism, Environment, Participation, Organizational management, Project management, Intercultural communications
Costas Deltouzos Trainer Male Patra, Greece 38 Event Management, Fundraising, Budgeting, Public Relations
Patrick Scholz Trainer Male Aachen, Germany 29 Project management, communication, intercultural sensitivity, flow theory, personal developement, public speaking and presentation.
Gunnar Erth Trainer Male Esslingen, Germany 50 Public Relations, Journalism, AEGEE history, Project design and management, Event programme design, HR management
Luis Alvarado Martinez Alumni Male Bruxelles, Belgium 28
Matthijs Overhaal Trainer Male Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain 27 Conflict Management, Public Speaking, Project Management, Group & Team Dynamics, NAOMMIE, Local management, Change management, Leadership, Event Management, Mentoring, Coaching. 
Michele Minuti Trainer Male Brescia, Italy 29 BodyLanguage, FundRaising, Bookkeeping, Leadership, HumanResource (needs), Vision&Mission&Goals&Values
Tom Simons Trainer Male Enschede, Netherlands 25 PR, Design, Finances, Team dynamics, motivation, communication
Georgios Ampatzidis Trainer Male Patra, Greece 33 Intercultural communication, Team dynamics, Crisis Management, Public Speaking, Fundraising
Fabian Brüggemann Trainer Male Düsseldorf, Germany 37 Teambuilding, Teamdynamics, Improvisation Theatre Methods
Paweł Cieślak Alumni Male Warszawa, Poland 32 eambuilding, communication skills, time management, stress management, leadership, project management, event management, creativity, trainer skills
Jeroen van Eik Alumni Male Voorburg, Netherlands 45 FR, HR time management, leadership… In the past for AEGEE I trained: financial management, negotiation technique, project management and presentation technique. Currently I train consultants and managers.
Paolo Ghisleni Trainer Male Bergamo, Italy 35 Project management, fundraising, PR, marketing, basics of AEGEE, public speaking, presentation skills.
Peter Daemen Alumni Male Dubai, United Arab Emirates 35 Project management, event management, fund raising, coaching/training/mentoring techniques, team dynamics/motivation
Arne Reis Alumni Male Geneva, Switzerland 34 Facilitation, public speaking, leadership, personal development & self-discovery, coaching, design thinking, teamwork, personality types, project design.
Turgut Tosun Junior Trainer Male Ankara, Turkey 30 Project management, motivation, team building, insparation
Gerardo García Dïaz Trainer Male Gijón, Spain 28 Presentation skills, Public speaking & body language, PR, Design Management, Design Thinking, Marketing, Creativity, Teambuilding, Personal development & self-discovery, Project & event design & management, Summer University Project Management, Graphic design, Video & photo editing
Fabrizio Bellicano Junior Trainer Male Genova, Italy 29 IT, (software) project management, presentations, public speaking, motivation
Jorge Miguel Vielva Trainer Male Valladolid, España 32 Training for trainers, project management, leadership, self-development, time management, HR management, motivation, education policies, recognition of NFE, mobility programmes, emotional intelligence, AEGEE.
Antonis Triantafyllakis Trainer Male Brussels, Belgium 35 AEGEE identity/structure/history, Gamification, Active/European Citizenship, Human Rights, Social Entrepreneurship, Digital/ICT Literacy, Training New Trainers, Team Building/Team Management, Public Speaking/Presentation Skills, Project/Event Management & Quality Assurance
Luca Bergamini Junior Trainer Male Venezia, Italia 29 Leadership, Public Relations, Fundraising.
Stefano Dal Farra Junior Trainer Male Belluno, Italy 25 Teambuilding, Creativity, Leadership, Communication, Problem solving
Luca Bisighini Junior Trainer Male Brescia, Italy 28 Bookkeeping, Accountability, Management of Finances, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Managing, Multimedia content creator and editor, Project and Campaign Management, Human Rights, HR Management, Migration, Geopolitics, Leadership, Democracy, Data Analysis, Public Speaking
Pablo Laboreo Junior Trainer Male Peterborough, United Kingdom 29 Team building, Group Dynamics, Conflict Management, Sustainability and Event Management
Giuseppe Di Marco Pizzongolo Junior Trainer Male Catania, Italy 36 Project management, Event management, Human resources, Team building, Creativity, Communication and related topics, Fund raising, Public speaking, Photography, Photo editing.
Martin Klassen Junior Trainer Male Heidelberg, Germany 27 Project Management, Human Resources, Teamdynamics
Peter Šuligoj Junior Trainer Male Ljubljana, Slovenija 28 Conflict Management, Emotional intelligence
Dmitry Shishmarev Junior Trainer Male Moscow, Russia 24 Project Menagement, Event Menagement, Communication inside the Team
Faude Merlin Trainer Male Mannheim, Germany 27 Emotional intelligence, Body language, Motivation, Time management, Public speaking
Mario Galea Junior Trainer Male Dingli, Malta 29 Event Management, Project Management, Leadership, AEGEE Structure
Damien Latacz Junior Trainer Male Aachen, Germany 29 Mediation, Facilitator for Teambuilding & Team Evaluation, Human Ressources (HR strategy and recruiting strategy), Team Management
Adonis Meggos Junior Trainer Male Athens, Greece 25 Project Management, Strategic Management, Time Management, AEGEE structure and history, Marketing, Inspiration
Gunnar Quante Junior Trainer Male Braunschweig, Germany 25 Knowledge Transfer, Conflict Management, Feedback
Midas Veraart Junior Trainer Male Leuven, Belgium 24 Leadership, Training Trainers, Goal Setting, Event Management, Self-Development, Motivational Speaking
Balázs Kovács Junior Trainer Male Debrecen & Budapest, Hungary 32 Emotional Intelligence, Non-Violent Communication, Storytelling, Event Management, Strategic Planning
Roberto Rossetto Junior Trainer Male Napoli, Italia 25 CommunicationResources Management (Team Management, Logistics, Budgeting and finances)Project ManagementWhat's AEGEE?
Jorge Sánchez Hernández Trainer Male Murcia, Spain 25 Project Management, Event organization, Fundraising, Budgeting, Online working tools.
Anna Ziętkiewicz Junior Trainer Non-Binary Berlin, Germany 24 Graphic Recording, Social Issues (Gender Equality/Intersectionality/Privilege), Event/Project Management