Spring Agora Patra 2014 – Spring Agora Asturias 2015 | AEGEE-Academy

Spring Agora Patra 2014 – Spring Agora Asturias 2015


  • Andra Berilă – Speaker
  • John Ikosidekas – Secretary and Events Manager
  • Patrick Scholz – Treasurer
  • Michele Minuti – Knowledge and Database Manager
  • Urša Svetelj – External Relations and HR Manager


  • Costas Deltouzos – IT Assistant
  • Lyda Michopoulou – Mentorship Program and Fundraising Assistant
  • Maartje Natrop – Network Communications Assistant and Alumni Coordinator


Academy Board


Andra Berilă

aNDRA Berila -Hi! I am aNDRA from AEGEE-București, just finished my term as president of my local. I have been in AEGEE for almost 3 years. I am passionate about films and animation, and I am now working on my own, trying to start a 2D animation studio in Bucharest. I love to learn new things! And I love to share and help other people to learn new things. For me, being a trainer means generosity, as you give back what you learn, and it also means staying fit, you cannot teach others without knowing the latest things about your area. Now, I am the Speaker of The Academy, and together with an awesome board team and board assistants, we will rock AEGEE with well-prepared trainers and great trainings!

I am just an e-mail away: andra.berila@aegee.org 🙂


Secretary and Events Manager

John Ikosidekas

John IkosidekasHey! I’m John from AEGEE-Patra, and I have just finished with my studies in Patra in Accounting. I have been in AEGEE for more than 3 years now, and have been quite active ever since on both local and European level combined. What I enjoy about AEGEE (other than traveling) is the experience one can gain from this unique intercultural environment. Also, what I enjoy about being a member of the Academy is the non-formal education aspect and also taking care of the participants in sessions and answering their every possible questions; “Sharing is Caring” after all! In the board, as secretary, I am responsible of the administrative matters, like minutes and e-mails. For any questions or in need to reach me, you can always hit me up at: john.eikosidekas@aegee.org


Patrick Scholz

Patrick 2Welcome!

As treasurer in my third term aboard, i handle the budget with the income and expenses of the academy. I became active in AEGEE-Aachen and since then enjoyed the challenges our network is offering and finally discovered the international level with courses, cooperation and international teamwork. My tasks are to make sure our events have substantial financial planning as well as taking care of paying the bills and making sure our money is invested wisely. If you happen to see me around, talk to me about what sustainability really is, how to deliver a training or about how to improve your project. Or the weather if thats what you prefer. Should you want to support the academy financially or work on an ES budget feel free to contact me via Patrick.Scholz@aegee.org

Knowledge and Database Manager

Michele Minuti

Michele 2Hi, I am Micky from AEGEE-Brescia, Italy. I am still student at University of Brescia. I study Management-Marketing. In Academy I am the responsible for the Database. I also take care of the knowledge transfer and I’d do it creating lot of standard training materials. My favourite topics are: HR, Leadership & Communication (Believes, Body language, Decisions, Focus,, Time Management). My email is michele.minuti@aegee.org

External Relations and HR Manager

Urša Svetelj

Urša SveteljHi, I am Urša Svetelj from AEGEE Ljubljana, Slovenia. I have a bachelor degree in Marketing and public relations and I am studying masters in HR – managing non-profit organizations. In Academy board, I am responsible for HR and external relations, which means, that I am dealing with recruiting new members and keeping current trainers involved. Since 2011, I am also a trainer and I just love it – it is a really great way to share knowledge and inspire others. You can always reach me at ursa.svetelj@aegee.org



IT Assistant

Costas Deltouzos

CostasHello! I am Costas from AEGEE-Patra. I have studied Electrical & Computer Engineering and I’m currently working towards my PhD in Computer Networks. Besides my academic work, I really love working as a Non-Formal Education trainer, that’s why I joined AEGEE-Academy! After serving two terms in the board of the Academy as Secretary, it was time to step aside for new people to take my task. As I am an IT nerd I continue to help as IT assistant, mainly dealing with our website. For any technical matters contact me through costas.deltouzos@aegee.org

Mentorship Program and Fundraising Assistant

Lyda Michopoulou

CostasHello fellow trainers!!

I am Lyda, a traveller, a youth trainer & facilitator from AEGEE-Leuven, Belgium. I am an Agronomy graduate with MSc in Breeding of Field Crops & Ecology though for the last year I’ve been working as a youth trainer in different NGOs and small companies. In Academy, I am responsible for the Mentorship Program and Corporate Relations (Fundraising). My passion is travelling & training or training while travelling.
Feel free to drop me a mail/ping me on gtalk at: lyda.papa@gmail.com

Network Communications Assistant and Alumni Coordinator

Maartje Natrop

MaartjeTraining is one of my biggest passions because sharing = caring. I am happy to be able do much more with trainings ever since I have been in the Academy board (first two terms as Speaker, now as Alumni Coordinator & Network Communication Assistant). Together with a great team we make sure that AEGEEans receive high-quality non-formal education. I see the Academy as the backbone of AEGEE since our trainings teach members so much about AEGEE, soft skills, self-development and how to run antennas or projects. When I am not busy with the Academy, I work for the Dutch government as a Communications Advisor and spend many hours ”bending iron” in the gym in my hometown Gouda. Of course, like any AEGEEan, I am also a total travel addict! I lived in Italy, Finland and Belgium. Oh and do not hesitate to ask me anything at maartje.natrop@aegee.org