Spring Agora Bergamo 2016 – Spring Agora Enchede 2017


  • Antonis Triantafyllakis – Speaker
  • Eugenia Casariego Artola – Secretary
  • Elena Antova – Treasurer

Academy Board

I’m Antonis, Speaker of the Academy for 2016-2017. AEGEE is the loving family that has taught me to treat Europe as my home, as well as the one that has revealed to me my biggest passion: non-formal education. Through hundreds of hours of practice, I have developed a training style that can be defined as the trainees creating the content and me providing the structure for them to thrive, in a creative and collaborative way through which everyone learns by experience, has fun and is ready to apply the knowledge gained directly. Constantly inspired by my trainees and empowered by their smile, non-formal education makes me the main learner of my trainings. Now, carrying also the experience of managing a few international teams in various European bodies of AEGEE, I have the chance to contribute to strengthening the Academy’s role in addressing the internal education needs of AEGEE, as well as remaining relevant in the field of non-formal education globally. With such an amazing team by my side, this seemingly challenging task proves entertaining, if not easy!
I am Eugenia, or Ena as they also call me, Secretary of the awesome Academy board of 2016-2017. My local is AEGEE-Oviedo and I’ve been actively involved in AEGEE for some time now. At the end of our term I would really like to see that we had an impact on ACA, but most importantly, that ACA has had an impact on AEGEE. During our term I’d like to focus in our Trainers’ Community, strengthening it, make it bigger and supporting our trainers in their development; I would love to see a stronger bond between the ACA and the Training Offices of other NGOs and last but not least, I want to focus on the internal education of AEGEE, making ACA able to satisfy the organization’s educational needs, meet its standards to contribute to AEGEE’s mission and vision. Apart from training I love my field of studies, Psychology, as well as Art in all its shapes and forms, and volunteering. You can also see me around in EFPSA, where I have the role of Trainer, among others. To end with a quote of Shakespeare (ft. me) “If training be the food of knowledge, deliver on, give me excess of it”
I am Elena, Treasurer of AEGEE-Academy for 2016-2017. Being a member of AEGEE-Sofia for more than 7 years has allowed me to be active on local, as well as European level. My two favourite things in AEGEE are managing money and trainings and I can finally combine both of them in one position. I have two main goals for this year: 1) to revive the AEGEE-Academy and make it strong and successful again and 2) to spend our budget on meaningful projects, contributing to the training needs of the network. Besides AEGEE, I have a Masters in Human Resources and Economics and am graduating from a second one in Labour and Organisational Psychology. I love reading, hiking and cooking.

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