Spring Agora Asturias 2015 – Spring Agora Bergamo 2016


  • Lyda Michopoulou – Speaker
  • Matthijs Overhaal – Secretary
  • Michele Minuti – Treasurer
  • Tsveti Stoycheva – External Relations & HR Manager
  • Turgut Tosun – Event Manager


Academy Board

LydaLyda – Hello beautiful people!

I am Lyda from A-Thessaloniki and the Speaker of The Academy for 2015-2016. I am a traveler, trainer and facilitator. Called by life itself and my curiosity into the training world and inspired by the innate beauty of it, I have been on a journey of what it means to shape the world, personally and collectively. This journey has taken me from Canada to Chile and from Portugal to Turkey, to hear my heart calling in the power of stories, Art of Hosting, Non-Formal Education and people. My work is about creating learning experiences, guiding new trainers towards their path to personal development and hosting meaningful discussions.

As Speaker of the Academy, together with an amazing team of board members, I plan to develop Academy further more and allow its members and the Network of AEGEE to experience and explore the beauty of trainings.

My email is lyda.michopoulou@aegee.org


Matthijs – If you figured out how to pronounce my name, you´re not there yet. My journey in the training world is all the time at the beginning, which helps me to see things clearly and allows me to observe and analyse. Some people tell me I never take anything for granted and question the status quo (too) many times. With 24 years behind me and hopefully a lot more ahead of me, it´s time to bring Academy in the direction of potentially the coolest training organisation. My passions to cooking, red wine, graphic design and of course trainings are infinite and somehow they are all things that you never can fully master. I live in Las Palmas and am currently enrolled in an EVS there. Academy has a lot of work ahead and so do I, but life wouldn’t be interesting without challenges!

My email is matthijs.overhaal@aegee.org


Michele 2Michele – Hi, I am Micky from AEGEE-Brescia, Italy. I am still student at University of Brescia. I study Management-Marketing. In Academy I am the responsible for the Database. I also take care of the knowledge transfer and I’d do it creating lot of standard training materials. My favourite topics are: HR, Leadership & Communication (Believes, Body language, Decisions, Focus,, Time Management).

My email is michele.minuti@aegee.org






Hey, guys! Tsveti from AEGEE-Sofia here. I am a junior trainer in Academy for less than a year and yet eager to help develop our organisation and the members of AEGEE. I still have not figured out if I would be sorted into Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff but I have found myself to be an easygoing person as I hang out with Slytherins and Gryffindors all the time. In the real world I am working on my master project as I am (hopefully soon) graduating from university of architecture. I am also passionate about expoloring new places and people. I would enjoy my time with a book in a crowded city coffee shop as well as spending it doing some extreme sports in the nature. In conclusion to the random facts about me I would say that I am fond of training as it shifts my perspective every day. See you around!

My email is tsu.stoycheva@gmail.com



Hi, this is Turgut from AEGEE-Ankara since 2007. Yeah I couldn’t find a way out like many of yours. I have the responsibility of events within the Academy and hope that they will be well-managed. My favourite topics on youth trainings are motivation, leadership, project management. I am super happy and motivated to be part of the Academy and have a desire to change at least something during my duty. Have fun and stay with us.

My e-mail: turgut.tosun@aegee.org