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Open Call for hosting European School 1

From this very moment, we are reopening the open call for hosting locals of European School 1

“This event changed my life and will define my future. Awesome, inspiring, enriching. You rocked! The best AEGEE event I’ve been to – from trainers, participants and organisational aspects.”
-participants of European school 1, Enschede May 2014

European School 1 (ES1)

Time of events:
beginning of November – 20th of December (we are flexible, so you can suggest dates which don’t overlap with Autumn Agora taking place in Kyiv between 14.10.2015 and 18.10.2015)

Duration of event: 7 training days + arrival and departure + 2 days before the event for trainers preparation, preferably with trainers arriving on Friday and participants arriving on Sunday, training days Sunday-Saturday, departure for everyone Sunday
Number of participants and trainers: 5 trainers and up to 25 participants

If you want to be the next host of ES1, your application should meet the following requirements:

  • You are able to host an event in Fall 2015 between November and December 2015
  • You are able to cooperate closely with trainers team and Academy
  • You are able to appoint one coordinator who will be the main contact with Academy and training manager as soon as we select you and will stay as the main contact for the whole preparation before and duration of event
  • You are able to organize accommodation for trainers and participants (hostel, dorms)
  • You are able to organize food for trainers and participants (3 meals per day, 2 warm)
  • You are able to cover travel costs for trainers (50%)
  • You are able to organize location and materials needed for training (rooms and technical equipment)
  • You will do your best with local fundraising
  • You will provide us with estimated budget and participation fee, that should not exceed 100 euros

    Before you apply, please read additional guidelines for hosting locals

Detailed information about the budget:

  • Accommodation place for participants and trainers
  • Food (breakfast, warm lunch, warm dinner)
  • Covered participation fee for trainers
  • Reimbursements of travel costs for 4-5 trainers
  • Workshop venue and materials
  • Transportation during the training
  • Social Programme

Why would YOU host one of our events?
You and the members of your antenna will get…
…the amazing opportunity to meet inspired and motivated participants, cooperate with super-motivated trainers & learn about non-formal education
…the smashing learning opportunity to organize a European event
…the extraordinary chance to attend the event and self-develop
…the awesome opportunity to put your mark on the European level and contribute to AEGEE big time
…an additional training for a topic of your choosing, for your local only

European school 1 organizers, that happened in May in Enschede, say:
“Applying for hosting the European School I was the beginning of an unforgettable experience for both us as local and the participants. We as local really learned how hosting a NFE event works, and how you can arrange the nicest social program as possible. Organizing a European School definitely gives a boost to your local’s awareness on the European level, leading to lots of nice possible outcomes.”

How can you apply?
If you would like to host a European School, please send an e-mail until 18th of September, 23:59 CET to the following:
– Name of local;
– History of event management;
– Possible main organiser (+ contact details)
– Possible experiences of your team with event management and grant writing;
– Motivation to host the event;
– What would be your dates of preferences (if possible, provide some options);
– Budget.

Looking forward to your applications,
The Academy board