General Members’ Meeting (GMM) in Brussels on 26/1! | AEGEE-Academy

General Members’ Meeting (GMM) in Brussels on 26/1!

Dear Academy members,

We are calling you on a General Members’ Meeting in Brussels on 26th of January. The agenda of this meeting is to vote upon the proposal for amending the statute of the Academy. The amendments have been sent to all of our members through our mailing list.
What we propose to change is prolonging the board term of the Academy board from six months to 12 months. This would be effective starting Agora Patra 2014 so that the Academy board year is almost synchronous to the CD board term.
Our arguments for this are as follows:
– We believe six months is not enough time to effectively work as a board. The knowledge transfer phase and getting-to-know phase already lasts a month usually.
– When there are big chances of lots of work to do, like with our current reform of the Academy (new website, new strategies); a year is most definitely needed.
– As you can see, the last two years the board has recandidated themselves. So every board member (from the board with Ramon as Speaker till the board with Maartje as Speaker) has done a full your of board membership. This shows that people are willing, motivated and dedicated to do 1 year instead of six months.
– Board terms within AEGEE are usually always 1 year. CD board membership, most local boards, so why not the Academy?
– We want people that are very much devoted to their work within the board and when people candidate for a year; changes are higher that they are indeed very motivated.

Hoping to see many of you, in Brussels!

Best regards,

Your Academy board
Maartje – Speaker
Costas – Secretary & IT
Patrick – Treasurer
Michele – Knowledge&database manager
Ursa – Human resources & Event manager
Andra – Public relations manager