SES – Utrecht 2015

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21/03/2015 - 29/03/2015

Utrecht, Netherlands

Application Period
To be announced (January 2015)

Manager: Paweł Cieślak
Number of participants: 25
Participation fee:

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Our Network is full of great people, people who dedicate a big part of their life to AEGEE and Europe. They can be found everywhere – running things on the very local level, facilitating the regional work or changing the organisation internationally. They work hard and are a true backbone of AEGEE.

Many times however they put themselves to too much pressure, sacrifice other areas of their life and in the end, feel exhausted and burnt-out. At this point they often leave the network or restrain to social activity, which is of course a great loss to the organisation. So to battle this issue, and to give back to the people who make AEGEE work, The Academy and A-Utrecht present:

Self-Development European School Utrecht 2015 (SES 2015)

The Aim:
To re-empower experienced AEGEE activists by providing them with a space to reflect on their core values and motivations, as well as providing them with tools and skills for better self-management and burnout prevention.

The means:
An 8-day training event revolving around the concept of self-development. It will consist of workshops of different kind in topics like self-awareness (“how to stay in touch with what’s happening with me and what do I want?”), emotional intelligence, effective goal setting, stress management and self-leadership. These preliminar areas will be further adjusted, to meet the detailed expectations of the selected participants.

Who is this event for:
People active in AEGEE on local or European level for at least a year (board members, project officers, etc.), who are experiencing decrease in motivation and signs of burning out or want to work further on their own self development.

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