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SES – Utrecht 2015

Our Network is full of great people, people who dedicate a big part of their life to AEGEE and Europe. They can be found everywhere – running things on the very local level, facilitating the regional work or changing the organisation internationally. They work hard and are a true backbone of AEGEE. Many times however they put themselves to too… Read more →

T4T-Bucuresti 2015

EXPLOSIVE EVENT COMING sooon!!!!! #Why: Because you are great but we want YOU to be awesome!!!            Because public AND private sector hunts down people with those type of skills!            Because YOU want to be in Bucharest with us!! #How: Learn how to blow people away, how to amaze yourself and others…#What: T4T of Academy 2015 or We will… Read more →

SUPS-Cluj Napoca 2015

The Summer University is the biggest annual project in AEGEE, in which over 2000 students travel for a few weeks to a place in Europe, where they will meet students from all over Europe. The program consists of culture exchange, learning new languages, travelling and other fun activities. During the Summer University Project School (SUPS), organized in collaboration with SUCT, you… Read more →

PRES – Poznan 2014

PRES is a one week training designed for potential and present PR activists on local level of AEGEE. It is organized by AEGEE-Academy in collaboration with the Public Relations Committee (PRC) of AEGEE-Europe. It aims at giving the participants the necessary tools and theories to design a sound PR strategy for an AEGEE branch. During the mornings the participants will take… Read more →