Autumn Agora Zaragoza 2013 – Spring Agora Patra 2014 | AEGEE-Academy

Autumn Agora Zaragoza 2013 – Spring Agora Patra 2014

  • Maartje Natrop – Speaker
  • Costas Deltouzos – Secretary & IT Responsible
  • Patrick Scholz – Treasurer
  • Urša Svetelj – HR & Event Managementa
  • Andra Berilă – PR Management
  • Michele Minuti – Mentor Program & Material Database Responsible




Maartje Natrop

MaartjeDear trainers,
Training is one of my biggest passions because sharing = caring. I am happy to be able do much more with trainings ever since I have been leading the Academy for two board terms now as Speaker. Together with a great team we make sure that AEGEEans receive high-quality non-formal education. I see the Academy as the backbone of AEGEE since our trainings teach members so much about AEGEE, soft skills, self-development and how run antennas or projects. When I am not busy with the Academy, I work for the Dutch government as a communications advisor and spend many hours in the gym in my hometown Gouda, where I also train people in fitness and nutrition. I am always up for a chat or for questions at

Secretary & IT ResponsibleCostas

Costas Deltouzos

Hello! I am Costas from AEGEE-Patra. I have studied Electrical & Computer Engineering and I’m currently working towards my PhD in Computer Networks. Besides my academic work, I really love working as a Non-Formal Education trainer, that’s why I joined AEGEE-Academy! In the board I’m the Secretary and IT, so my tasks are to handle the communication of Academy toward externals and develop/maintain our website. You can contact me through


Patrick Scholz

Patrick 2Welcome!
I am in this board to make things happen at the most important place: the heart of the network. This most vital place of our Organisation is what enables us to promote our goals and work on our objectives.
Without our trainings we cannot provide a stable long term quality. This sustainability can be seen as a neccessity for trainings or as a culture throughout our whole network. Together with my great team, I am looking forward to the coming events and their motivated participants that will carry along the spirit and enthusiasm that fuels this organisation.
Food for thought or interesting discussions are welcome at:

HR & Event Management

Urša SveteljUrša Svetelj

Hi, I am Urša Svetelj from Aegee Ljubljana, Slovenia. I have a bachelor degree in Marketing and public relations and I am studying masters in HR – managing non-profit organizations. In Academy board, I am responsible for HR and event management, which means, that I am dealing with recruiting new members and keeping current trainers involved. I also have the overview of all European schools that will happen in the next year and make a plan for future educational events. Since 2011 I am also a trainer and I just love it – it is a really great way to share knowledge and inspire others. You can always reach me at

PR Management

Andra Berilă

aNDRA Berila -Hello!
I am from AEGEE-București, Romania, I have just finished my studies in film making and animation and now I am learning (by myself) about PR, advertising and storytelling. In Academy I am responsible for PR, so I take care of the ACA image and the channels through which we communicate, web site, social media, and I’m also helping with creating posters, flyers, images and so on. Besides AEGEE, I make short animated films, write stories and follow online courses to learn more about film making. You can find me here:


Mentor Program & Material Database Responsible

Michele 2Michele Minuti

I am Micky from AEGEE-Brescia, Italy. I am still student at University of Brescia. My fields of study are Marketing and Human Resources. In Academy I am the responsible for the Mentor program and the Database Management. I also take care of the part of Knowledge Transfer and I’d do it creating lot of standard training materials. I had been in the Audit Commission. I’m one of the most experienced members in Italy. My favourite topics are: Fundrasing, Human resources, Body language and Leadership (decisions, focus, believes, time management). My email is